Guardians of Dust / Press

“Absolutely brilliant collection of hit tracks..soaring, melodic, stunning musicianship and crisp, imaginative production..it's hard to find material this good, and quite surprising to hear a sound that is so defined by U.S bands coming from a London crew. "Elixir" and "Summer" are both such tight, well-crafted tracks..a real pointer for the rest of us of how to do it properly. Awesome!!”


“...WOW, I certainly wasn't expecting this...!!! I'm listening to your music right now.........I like what you're doing... Great material, and I dig Dan's vocal approach, very stylistic ....... I really like ELIXIR ...killer arrangement..”

Beau Hill (Producer)

“4 friends making possibly the finest rock music known to man somewhere in North London”

Monto Waters Rat

“The guitars are very dominating, heralding a dynamic rock sound showing grunge rock the door whilst letting a little bit of it back in thru the catflap”

BugBear (Promoter)

“It was immediately clear that you and the rest of the guys have some real talent. Well done for an excellent performance that captured the flavor of the songs. ”

Caragan Music

“Your songs are fantastic! If the album takes off, I know I'll buy it!”

Adam Giles (Musician)

“You certainly seem to have it all together as a band, from the logo to the music!”

Matte Black

“I haven't heard one song on your site I didn't like, the acoustic version of "No Way Out" was amazing. Dan, your voice is unique! ”

Izzy (Fan)

“The band are going from strength to strength...”

Sen Keeny (Ten21 Studio)