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“The Roots Music Report Roots Rock Single Charts- #1 "Boots On The Ground" by GT Hurley!”

“See the Sentinel-Examiner Newspaper Article by Raychel Johnson of Ogden, Utah.”

“G.T. HURLEY HAS A PRESENCE that naturally commands attention. A tall, husky man, usually sharply dressed in a solid-colored, crisply pressed button-down shirt, jeans and felt flat-top hat, he is easily spotted in a crowd or walking down the street. When he picks up a guitar and softly runs his fingers over the strings, it is evident he has a sensitivity to the instrument and a melody, as a soft-handed bridle horse- man has feel for his horse. His feel for music, deep, booming voice and passion to perform, capture audiences at cowboy gatherings throughout the West. While some purists have their own notions of what traditional music should be, Hurley stays true to his unique style and defies pigeonholing his music. “I’m not interested in setting standards or changing the rules,” he says. “I just want to produce music that is true to me and my life experiences. As long as a song comes from under my hat, it's cowboy. http://gthurley.com/what_they_are_saying/”

“Big Timber’s musical son, guitarist/songwriter GT Hurley, has a new album to his credit. He takes his ideas from friends’ stories and his own experiences as an ex-Marine and horse breeder to craft dance-hall music in the country-rock vein, vocalized with a tablespoon of Waylon Jennings. Singing original compositions and one cover, Hurley proves his thick and robust baritone is in good form. CLICK ON THE QUOTE TO SEE FULL STORY.”

“See Full Article Click The Link! GT Hurley has been a Marine, a miner and a horse breeder during his life and times. In recent years, he has also added professional Western musician to his trades. His music is starting to attract notice. He was nominated for the 2012 Crescendo Award, which recognizes up-and-comers to the Western scene. He got the nod in part due to the release last year of his debut album, “Tough Horses.” “I’ve been playing and writing since I was in my early teens,” said Hurley. “It is not new. But I had a 20-year career in the military, so music took a back seat. I played periodically, but it was not a continuous thing. Life has a way of keeping us busy. I’ve got to do it now while I can.” ”

“ Tough Horses by G.T. Hurley Vocally G.T. Hurley rides the trail somewhere near Marvin O’Dell and Wylie Gustafson, but this album was also done to showcase Hurley’s considerable songwriting skills. He is supported in that effort by such as Dave Stamey, Terri Taylor and Gary McMahan, so care to bet he might be worth a listen? The only cover songs on the CD are from two of the aforementioned performers, McMahan’s “Big Enough” and Taylor’s “Born To Ride.” Some of the arrangements lean toward Wylie’s more rocky Country feel (which also helps encourage the comparison to Gustafson’s delivery), but most of the pieces presented here are acoustic Western in character. Personal picks include “Oh Montana,” “Montana Skies,” “One Less Horse,” “Granite Mountain Fire” and “He’s A Vaquero.” An interesting sidebar: Hurley currently hails from Big Timber, Montana. That was also the birthplace of Western Music Association Hall of Fame member Hi Busse, fou”