Blest / Press

"I see Blest as a strong contender with his infectious persona, silky rap flow and amazing signature voice."

“Blest stands out from other Indie-Rappers in a good way within this very saturated Rapper, Singer/Songwriter market. Their answer to mundane music is to deliver something unique with a breath of fresh air, a rumble tumble SW signature sound via powerful messages. The strong suit of Blest is his overall marketability to so many fans. Latino, European, American fans will love him. In my mind this is what makes him a contender, not a pretender.”

“Spanish sound is combined with a Texas flow to create a unique song that captures the sound of the Southwest.”

“Very talented artist!”

“Amazing Sound!!!”

Jose Saad - Sun City Comedy

“Through hard work, tenacious attitude, enormous talents, and sincere drive to succeed, Blest is going to place the Southwest on the map”