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"Love without trust isn't real, it's just lust! I can't build with you if it's not about us!"

Elliot Yorker - A Strong Foundation.

"Grow wise and teach as you learn. By doing so you'll plant positive seeds for our young to pay it forward. Understand that knowledge is power."

Elliot Yorker - Knowledge Makes The World Go Round.

"Never live with regrets. It'll only slow you down. Everything is done for a reason. Cherish it and learn from it. It's now your past and an experience that you can look back on for guidance."

Elliot Yorker - Use The Past as Guidance.

"I rather continue to be myself and put up with the struggles presented by the lessons & trials of life."

Elliot Yorker - Stay True To Yourself.

"Sometimes when you try so hard to keep up with society you can lose yourself. If you lose yourself, you lose happiness. Don't lose happiness, always remember who you are."

Elliot Yorker - Remembering Yourself To Keep Happiness.