Grover Washington Jr. Tribute Band / Press

"I've never heard my own songs played like this before! I really like the way it all sounds"

Márk Zentai

"They are brilliant! It's really great performing with them because they have a lot of energy, are very enthusiastic and very professional."

Caramel - Ferenc Molnár

"It's great watching the way they play live because they are always smiling and have great energy on stage. They really are great."


"Who are they? Grover Washington Jr. Tribute Band What do they do? They play smooth jazz in memory of the genre's founder. This year will be theirs because: Young saxophone player Zoltán Albert is convinced that smooth jazz is a very useful tool that can be used to introduce the public to more complex and thoughtful music such as jazz. He has managed to put together an incredible band made up of young members who play today's popular songs with a fresh twist to them. Their live sets are both filled with surprises as well as guest artists such as Vera Tóth, Bálint Bársony, Mariann Szabó and Péter Újvári, just to name a few from their 2009 and 2010 line-up."

New Noise Magazine

"Whenever the Grover Washington Jr. Tribute Band takes to the stage, quality music is guaranteed. On many occasions, it is possible for outstanding and talented guest musicians to collaborate with the group. I was lucky enough to perform with them during their mermorial concert in 2010. Everyone in the band played their hearts out for the ecstatic audience for whom the concert proved to be an unforgetable musical experience."

Péter Ujvári

"I was among the crowd during the band's first concert. All I could say afterwards was that I really wanted to play with a band like theirs one day..... In the last month of 2010, my wish came true, when I was invited to play a concert with them and whenever I get a phone call asking me to play a concert with their band, I always put everything else aside."

Mariann Szabó

"This is a really great band, their vigorous playing is fresh, precise and is fused with great musicianship."

Péter Jelasity

"The concert's atmosphere was truly unforgetable, playing with them was a real treat......this whole thing that these boys have put together works incredibly well."

András Jász