Group Therapy / Press

“Group Therapy knows how to get a crowd moving! From the fun, upbeat music that they play to the great connection that they have with the crowd, they can make any night memorable and exciting. Even the staff working behind the bar were dancing the night away! We can't wait to have them play for us again!”

"Die Hard 80's Rock Fans Need Group Therapy!"

“Group Therapy rocked their performance in our Summer Concert Series! Their energy and positive vibe kept people on their feet dancing for two hours non-stop. The band’s repertoire of music covers a wide range of tastes making them well suited to play any festival, event or party! They have easily established themselves as ‘must have’ for our annual program. ”

Elizabeth Crisante, Recreation Supervisor, Carmichael Recreation & Park District - Personal Communication

“When people are dancing in your lunch line, even after bicycling for 100 miles, you know the band is good. Group Therapy played for the Napa Valley Tour de Cure, and we couldn’t be more pleased. I heard lots of positive comments, and you can’t dispute those dancers! Group Therapy really added to the Tour de Cure.”

Janice Bross, Director, American Diabetes Association, San Franciso Bay Area - Personal Communication