“I had a friend once describe a DMT experience as being "shot out of a cannon into the center of a thousand Christmas trees in the heart of a volcano in outer space forever." I've never tried the stuff, but I think that would also be an apt description for Gross Reality. Loud and in your face, these self-proclaimed thrashaholics have already warned me that Chapel Hill is past due for a good thrashing.”

“took the stage right before 11 P.M., which is about right for a metal show at Reggie's. If you have never heard of Gross Reality, you have been missing out on the North Carolina metal scene for about 20 years now. This band started in the early 90s in Raleigh and has recently returned to the scene to bring their own style of thrash back to the world – and we thank them. If you like old school Metallica or Anthrax, return to the mid-80s with Gross Reality. Complete with chunk, guitar sweeps, heaviness than makes your ears bleed, and absolutely no vocals whatsoever, this band makes you want to hurt someone. If you don’t, you are not listening. I wanted to headbang more during this band than I have felt the urge to headbang in years. Everyone in the room, all 30 to 40 of them, was rocking hard to Gross Reality, and I was glad to be there for their revival. ”

“Raleigh's own Speed Metal/Thrash band GROSS REALITY opened the show. I was perhaps their biggest fan ever and never passed up an opportunity to see them live, especially as the opener on a national show like this was. GROSS REALITY opened for a lot of national bands back then...CANNIBAL CORPSE, UNLEASHED, EPIDEMIC, BENEDICTION, TYPE O NEGATIVE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, CONFESSOR, etc. ”

Lightforce - NC Scene


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