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“It’s hard to believe that Groove Think has only been playing live shows for about a year and a half. The way they talk about their music and how they perform you would think they are veterans in the business.”

“This is serious ‘Wow’ music: unparalleled passion, crazy creativity, tasty chops all firing in sync. Exciting and Hugely inspiring! Huge kudos!”

Opossum, Rabbit and Shrew - Opossum, Rabbit and Shrew

“While their sound overflows with a patchwork of musicians they have gravitated to, Groove Think doesn’t “want any musical boundaries to hold us back or make us play a certain way,” as Jones explains. What’s important is that they take the time to separate themselves from a particular genre. Isaacks clarifies this by saying, “it is this blend of genres that defines our sound.” Isaacks elaborates further and discusses the importance of letting the music happen. Groove Think is a band that allows their instruments to be a playground for the music they create.”

“Groove Think's sound is unique; watching y'alls high-energy show is so compelling.....I just can't take my eyes off it.”