Groove Manifesto / Press

“Then to the smart money: Groove Manifesto. It was clear by the sudden appearance of what seemed like dozens of smiling young women that something about the band had appeal. I confess that my abiding belief in the genius of Sam Wooden led me to silently root against Groove Manifesto, hoping that they’d more or less suck and gift the prize to the Gentlemen. But they didn’t suck at all. They sounded like a less-angry RATM with occasional forays into deep electric blues. They rocked pretty hard. The audience was ecstatic. The title was surely theirs. The final two acts, Astor Place Riot and Erik Rust, played their sets with enthusiasm, but most of the smiling young women had already left, and the outcome was never really in doubt. The victors graciously thanked everyone in sight, and the crowd went home happy."”