Groan / Press

“Doom diehards will absolutely love this album's dedication to walloping great riffs.”

Olly Thomas - Kerrang! Magazine

“Awesome, mind-expanding fuzzy riffs so spaced out they’re practically aliens”


“Groan have more than enough Sabbathian riffage to keep the most miserable of doomsters happy”

Metal Hammer

“The heavy stoner vibe, the crushing heaviness, the massive overall atmosphere of doom, all here and all honed to near perfection”

“In so many ways, "The Sleeping Wizard" kicks more ass than most of the albums that have been released by established time-served bands... Thank the Gods of Rock that Groan are keeping the riff alive and well and giving us what Cathedral have failed to do over the last two albums”

“This album is everything that stoner rock - nay, rock in general - should be... 5/5”

“Pure rock and roll put through the doom filter, not a second is wasted, there's no self-indulgence, it's all killer, no filler”

“This is what all "Stoner Rock" is meant to be, kick ass riffing with infectious melodies and majestic, bluesy vocals... 10/10”