Grits & Soul / Press

“Her voice is a marvel, powerful and expressive, with a keening, gorgeous vibrato that brings forth images of a displaced farmer's wife, mourning the loss of her land to the dust. And yet, Grits & Soul is much more than a traditional music retread.”

“Again, the tune, the tale, and the performance are intriguing and enveloping. But then, you could say the same thing about much of this debut recording.”

“Blend tangy, honey-infused mandolin with a simmering string bass, and then add a double-layer of hot, finger-licking guitars. Jackson-based Grits & Soul satisfies a hunger for some good old-fashioned down-home music. Every tempting offering from Grits & Soul is seasoned with authentic southern spice and smothered in warm velvety vocals.”

"...roots-style, country and western, juke joint, honky tonk stomp..."

“Anna and the guys play what I call old timey country music—mandolin, hand clapping, real macaroni & cheese porch music.”