Grinned / Press

“Cavan’s Grinned are really the unknowns of the night, only playing their second show. Frankly, it’s a vein of grindcore that we’ve heard before but to be fair, the band is still fresh out of the box”

DropD Live Review

“The next band are from Cavan, called GRINNED and were unknown to this reviewer until tonight. Interestingly, they boast a member of quite a well-known Czech grind band and the group turn out to be great little surprise, rocking out thrashy death-riffing from the word go. The vocal approach might be a little queasy sounding to these ears (bassist goes high pitched ‘WEEEEHHH!’ as singer growls), but they’ve got their fundamentals down to a tee and bags of enthusiasm. Snappy riffing from the early Cannibal Corpse school of things is an added bonus, and with a formidable drummer and a few sparkling guitar passages at their disposal, they do a fine job of things. It’s great to watch a band properly put on a show after a very quiet start to the evening. Young guns clearly, but they’re certainly going in the right direction ”