“Grimnasty hops on new highly anticipated WU mixtape with newly signed "Killer Bee" Andre Roxx”

Intersope Rec. / Wu Tang - Intersope Rec. / Wu Tang

“Grimnasty just got scouted to be placed on the new Young Money Mixtape!”

G. Unsigned Hype - Cash Money Mixtape & Affiliates

“Grimnasty will probably become a huge success, drive awesome cars and have a great life with alot of friends who love him, with everything under the sun. And thats about it! I tell you this guy is worthless.”

“I thought he was cool, then I came home and caught him sleeping with my wife. He came back the next day with a fake mustache..WTF!!??”

“I fuckin hate this guy! He bit me on the cheek and I'm pressing charges!”