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"Grifters & Shills singer/songwriters John and Rebecca Stoll have a way of pulling you in like a slow moving stream and moving you on to the wellspring of music --that original and bountiful source of something you thought you already knew. I don’t think I’ve ever heard people at a show asking when the short break would be over so they could get more of what Grifters & Shills can offer up. We have a lot of musicians from all over the US make their impressions here, but on this particular night we couldn’t wait to see what else was in store. And the duo did not miss the opportunity to take us over the top to the very end of the show. There’ve been duos that can put out a full sound, and some that just give it to you straight up, but even if you didn’t close your eyes, you would swear there were more band mates on that stage. And maybe there were…the souls of the great roots musicians did seem to be channeling through. " -- Janelle Hoffmann, Riverfront Cultural Society

Janelle Hoffman - Riverfront Cultural Society

“Grifters & Shills Trainwreck Junkyard EP features Rebecca's enchanting twang and tight harmonies with John over the impressive strings of John's multi-instrumentation create a feel good porch stomper sound as warm and filling as a plate of mashed taters and gravy.”

“While Nashville and Austin fight over the face of Country music, these two beautifully represent the heart of Country. Without overdoing production or attitude, this duo gets right to the essence of the music.”

“It would be easy to overlook Rebecca Ferguson and John Stoll’s solid songwriting in the wake of Stoll’s frenetic guitar playing and stomp-box fervor and Ferguson’s electric vocals. Behind the fury of this roots Americana inspired duo are two people winding their way down life’s whiskey roads and heartbreak hills, churning out great songs along the way. As they write in the liner notes of their CD Blackjack Road: ‘We hope that you enjoy this journey with us, with the windows down and the music loud, and the road wide open ahead.’”

“Watch out for this duo- they are going right to the top. Each song opens up a whole new world with haunting lyrics and impeccable vocals. I fell in love with this band and you will too. Bravo!”

“This two-person band from Texas has found a niche in a mix of americana, southern rock, root rock and a hint of blues. I was a little skeptical when I first saw that there were only just two members in the band, but when you listen to their music you can not tell a difference. This made a refreshing sound when compared to other artist in similar genres. I am a fan of country music and would like to see more and more artist go back to their roots as these two did and remake a sound that everyone loves?”

“Now & Then is a great album, with fine harmonies that work so well between this duet. Great work on banjo, guitar, and mandolin. A rootsy album with plenty of grit to really make you want to turn it up on the radio. I have had this album in my CD player for about a month now, and find that it will likely stay there for longer. Easy CD to just let run on, and repeat over and over. If you dig Americana, rootsy, folk, bluegrassy music, this is the ticket.”

“Everything you want in Bluegrass: Great instrumental work and tight harmonies. "Now & Then" is a thoroughly enjoyable album and I recommend it highly.”