Grey Skies Fallen / Press

“This atmosphere - which will appeal equally to fans of post-rock, doom, and prog - is the bedrock upon which Along Came Life is built, and it's as solid as any Midwestern storm shelter. There's so much variety at work, so many subtle nuances sprinkled throughout the album, that each listen is akin to peeling back a sonic onion to reveal layer after layer of complex rhythms and harmonies. As intricate as the songs are, not one is difficult to digest and all are, in fact, highly infectious and gripping. The pleading leads of "The Grand Scheme of Things", the Tarantino-esque bluesy melody that opens "Forever and a Day", and the mournful seven-minute title track are just the most memorable moments of a very memorable album.”

"The musicianship and production on the album is superb throughout, the layers of guitars, vocals and keyboards mesh well; they’re clear and strong in the mix." 90/100 - Album of the Month


"Persistent and bursting with talent, TWO WAY MIRROR highlights a band on the fringe whose vast influences and multitude of musical ability make this outfit hard to describe but fun for those that enjoy a great deal of variety."

Crave Magazine

"the stage is set for even more progressive bands such as Grey Skies Fallen to take over."

The Gauntlet