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“this album is the shit. fa reel. I am HARD to please lyrically speaking and I've been listening to The Kardashev Scale for 2 weeks straight!!”

“yo man let me tell you why i love your music, not only do u rap about real shit but u also keep it old school style i love the beats the delivery and everything. keep it real!”

Dejan Cuk - facebook

“I love your music it is very refreshing to hear such an important message being put to rap...Thanks for your time and work you put into your music. great way to preach the truth!!!”

“If you haven't checked out The Kardashev Scale by Greydon Square you really should. 140 characters doesn't do his brilliance justice.”

“This is one of the best albums I bought this year! You know what you're getting into when you buy a Greydon Square album: social commentary, great wordplay, and lyrical rawness. All the featured guests had great verses too, and it was really a treat to see Super Gross hook up with Canibus. Good chemistry. The beats are banging, the concepts are good, favorite tracks: Brains, The Kardashev Scale, War Porn, Black Atheist, Stockholme Syndrome, Proof of Concept, Man-Made God, Onward. To get to the point the whole album is tight. Cop it!”

"Dude. Been listening to "The Kardashev Scale". Every now and then a song will come along that I just have to listen to on repeat for hours. "As An Artist" is that song. Fucking perfect!"


“5 star album itunes would not let me put 5 maybe that's the power of Jesus ,lol / I wish there where more atheist rappers”

“The galactic, far reaching sound scapes of album opener Star View are abruptly contrasted with the thudding and militaristic War Porn (with an excellent feature by Canibus, no less), further expanded with the almost religiously intense chants and piano loop of the title track The Kardashev Scale. And this is only four songs in.”

“This is one of the best hip-hop albums of the year – in terms of originality and innovation, and development of sound and style – it has continued the upward gradient (ie…Greydon) which Eddie Collins has made for himself. For fans, it is worth the wait. For new-comers, it is more than worth the fee. For the irreligious, it is essential. For the religious, I believe it will be a thought provoking and debate-starting sixty-eight minutes. And so, let the debate continue.”

“I just wanna say i have so much respect and love for your music. So passionate, so beautiful, so eloquent and intellectual, i LOVE it. The power of your message is matched equally with your skill at rapping. Amazing stuff. It really moves me. I'm a atheist of course too. Thank you for all you've done. Keep it up”

“My one and only favorite rapper. Keep it up man. ”

Adrian - Myspace

“Greydon! Dude I was taking a break from homework and was browsing through music and while I happened to be playing a few of your songs I came across one I've never heard: "N Word." Damn! You killed it -- I'm still like smiling while shaking my head thinking: "Did he really just say that??" Love it!”

Ronnie-Jones Sigmund - Facebook

“Man I NEED that new music from you BADLY! When's it gunna come? NOBODY spits it like you man!”

ᴀᶦᶻᴇ№254 The Abbot - Myspace

“As a hip hop head, i can say that i had tears of joy when i ran into your music on youtube. ”


“Can't wait to hear your new shit...Stay safe...Xtians are fukkin' crazy... ”

JesusSlaves - Myspace

“I don't think I'm your most likely fan as I'm not at all into rap, and I'm not exactly a spring chicken either, but I'm practically addicted to your music! Love it!!! It's been inspiring and helpful as I just recently "came out" as an atheist and have the wounds in my back to prove it (from "loving and tolerant" Christian family members no less). hahaha. Two of them have disowned me, but I'm still happy to be free of religion. Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. ”

Gudlos (Deb) - Myspace

“You have done it again! Stockholm Syndrome is one of your sickest tracks! Show these theists no mercy.. Keep this dope shit up homie! ”

Mr. THUG - Myspace

“Straight Genius, dawg. Can't wait for the new shit. Keep it flowing. ”

RACASO Worldwide - Myspace

“Never give up Greydon! <3 Love the new stuff! ”

Elizabeth Wager - Myspace

“I want to thank you for all your words of truth and meaning, keep up the good word and truth, thank you. ”

Death Death - Myspace

“ Awesome music dude, I'm really diggin the new material. One quick question...have you ever given any thought to rappin with an actual band? If you could on atleast one song, that would be sick ”

Overdosing on Reality - Myspace

“Just gotta say, love your music....got you a new big fan <3 ”

Lady.Caliver - Myspace

“Wow, I'm late BUT... "How could your god be jealous if he was the only one? How would we be his children if Jesus his only son?" <<< Great Questions!!! Love your Music. Keep it Up!!!”

“I have to agree with bettySwollox. I have never been a fan of rap but your style and intelligent lyrics made me a convert, well at least for your rap. I subbed after the first song. Excellent job. I am also an atheist in a foxhole.”

“Mr. Square, you are an artist and a scholar. Please continue to promote yourself and become more well-known. I want everyone I know to listen to your raps and watch your videos.”

“I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of rap, or hip-hop in general. I guess this is down to the fact that I don't understand the culture from "whence it came" so to speak. Essentially, this kind of music never really spoke to me, it didn't hit any nerves. However, I've listened to three of your songs so far, and I've already subscribed to your channel! I think your lyrics are great, and you really have something to say, which is more than can be said about the hip-hop world that has little to say other than shouting crap about "Bitches" "Cristal" and "Niggas"! I don't get it, and never will, but Greydon Square, on the other hand has a message, with the intelligence to back it up! Now I'm off to watch the rest of his videos.”

“I love your music! esp "roots" man i just can't agree more, I'm so glad there are people getting the message around.”

“Just found your music, i love it! Greetings from a Geologystundent, Germany!”

“I still haven't figured out why iTunes have listed the Compton Effect as "explicit". Still awesome though.”

“I see you have a YouTube account :) Awesome. The "Compton Effect" CD was very helpful to me during my de-conversion process and you put a lot of my own thoughts in your words to music. Thank you for releasing that, and I hope you release more tracks in the future.”

“awesome music i do not normally listen to rap but you know what your doing something different from regular rap i have heard your music is actually meaningful and as a vet from the USAF Security Forces i really liked it, never got sent to Iraq and got the boot for my weight but your song hit home with the fact that those who bad mouth military would never even dream of doing it.”

“Hellz yeah. Atheist Rap. Two of my fav things together as one!”

“Normally i don't buy my album's, but after hearing the song "rational response" i knew i had to support the truth There is a huge atheist minority in America and more people should be aware. Your the best thing that's happened to atheism since Richard Dawkins Grand unified theory!”

“I'm christian but i think your rap is good, better than most mainstream rap”

“Not bad not bad....ill be keepin an eye on you MR. Square”

“I don't know if I'm just woefully out of touch but you are the first rapper I've heard in years that fits all three of my criteria, 1) say something real that isn't about relationships, 2) don't suck, 3) don't be a whore. It's been almost since Public Enemy unless you count fusion stuff like Rage. Anyway, I'm just saying, YAY! I'm very happy, now.”

“I look forward to your next release... I'm trying to do something similar... as you already know... finally got around to putting my first song up... there will be more to come... gotta get you on a track when you have the time... Peace.”

“This is Tru Hip Hop with Meaning. Dude do u know of an artist called (immortal technique) for some reason your style is like his. very intellectual”

“I'm just glad to see another atheist emcee. I spit about similar topics and didn't even know that others were doing it until one of my subscribers put me on to your channel. Keep up the good work. You do great hip hop and I definitely agree with the message.”

“Sir: Thank you for your bad ass lyrics and logic bombs - shit rocks, please keep it up, look forward to buying your albums!”

“Awesome job! I think what you're doing is great! Don't stop! The more we speak out, the more "closet atheists" will feel comfortable about expressing what they truly think about religion. Speaking out is the first step. The 2nd step is improving our elementary and high school education. Not everyone goes into a field of science, so we must teach students as much about science before college/university. Right now, too many people are shielded from information by religious parents and communities. We need to change that.”

“Okay I just picked up your album, and I was blown away, I seriously played the whole album all day. I emailed a bunch of people, mostly religious promoting your music. I mean really really good stuff. I was wondering are you still down with RRS, I think you talked about the situation on your album but i wasn't sure if that was recent or not?”

“i'am wondering why it dont already exists a mouvement 4 black atheists cause i was surprised to see so many of them in youtube, it would be good if colored people (black and arabs too) could explain their atheism without being afraid of bad consequences, man let's rise nation of atheism !!! btw you're definitely the malcom X of atheism !!!!”

“I was shocked when I came across your videos. How sad that it should be shocking to me whenever I discover another atheist. I think you are going to straighten out many, many minds. I'm proud to know you.”

“Great work here Greydon... you turned a middle aged white dude into a rap fan! The truth has set me free! What are you studying? What university?”

“hey man i dont really listen to rap but i like your music its actually makes sense”

“You're a badass mother fucker with some sick shit to spit. Thanks for saying what I've always wanted to. You stand up and represent the truth, logic, reason. Something that's been long needed. Fuck all the sheeple out there. Mad props man, keep the good shit coming, keep throwing the truth in the face of those who refuse to listen. I've got mad Love for you mufukker.”

“Enjoying the music Greydon, you have a positive vibe and show intelligence at a high level, you talk about being more, if I keep seeing more and more people like your good self, I can only feel better about the world we live in.”

“I can't believe i just discovered you...damn! Lovin your conscious tunes...”

“I love you dude.”

“Greydon.. you're fucking ill. what hip-hop and the world needs.”