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““One of the best albums I ever bought! Deep lyrics! I gotta say this is one of the best CDs I have ever bought! Listenin to the samples on this site don't do this man justice. You gotta hear the whole song through on every cut... This CD is full of deep, thought provoking, conscious lyrics that anyone can appreciate at any age. Jon Blaq's metaphors are creative, he has great storytelling ability, and he has very clever rhyme schemes. This man represents what hip hop was intended to be and needs to get back to - creativity, substantial content, originality, and hot music/melodies. The Neva Ending story is what happens when a man with intelligence and skills makes a whole project... Trust me what you are payin for this CD is nothin cause what Jon Blaq has to say is priceless. And thats THA TRUTH ;)” — Tha Truth of Tha Non Conformist Movement, CD Baby”

Tha Truth of Tha Non Conformist Movement, CD Baby

““You haven’t seen a rapper this raw and true to himself since 2pac Shakur. Mazzini really doesn’t hold back and really speaks his mind but at the same time give you something that you can groove to. From smooth jazzy songs such as (I Love Sin) which in my opinion hit close to home with mostly the whole world. Then there’s songs like (I’ll Shoot U) which is just raw street thought and talk. You really don’t have to read this guys bio to know him, his music really tell it all.” — FUPM, Raw Hip Hop”

FUPM, Raw Hip Hop