Greg Ward / Press

"The thing about these types of songs, quite often it's hard to just, like a good James Brown song, it's hard to pull the lyrics and the song apart. The music, the lyrics and the performance are just all melted together. I think you've got it. I can see other interpretations of these songs being made but, I think you've got the definite one in your head and that's the one that's going to ride."

"...tackles serious, serious subject matter in a way that is just full of joy and engaging. It was a great two songs."

"One man experience, catchy, likeable instantly. Well thought out songs, I could watch you play a whole concert..."

“Greg Ward may hail from Harrisonburg, but his music is infused by everyone from Marley to Tosh to contemporary leaders like Soldiers Of Jah Army”

“plays crucial roots originals and covers...”