Greg Sover / Press

“He wants his music to touch listeners. “I want them to have some type of hope. With this album, it is more of enlightenment when they feel they are stuck. I do see the light, in all ways; spiritual or moral. They have to remember they are renegades. Being a teacher, firefighter, doctor, parent…all of that is going against the grain.””

““J.D. Malone [the open mic host] (is) the one who opened it all up for me,” explained Sover. “I used to go to the open mic and I probably played there a year. He comes to me and he says, ‘Greg, it’s time to go and get shows and make some money for this.’ I said ‘You can get shows and make money for this?’ I did not even know that.””

““Jimi Hendrix is one of my major influences,” said Sover. “I’m really influenced by a lot of the music from that era. The music of the 60s spoke about things. It was very political.””