Greg D / Press

“HONEY! You really rip on I Wanna Feel You. Nice, babe. Nice.”

Nancy Campbell - Personal Email

“Sounds of Greg D is based primarily around the singing and songwriting of Greg Di Gesu who has been playing in various bands since the mid-80's. If you like Syd Barrett, Ray Davies and the formentioned Lou Reed then chances are you'll dig the current Sounds of Greg D”

“We like this record! It's quirky and fun. ”

Billy Zero - The Radar Report on XM Radio

“Greg Di Gesu wrote the wonderful Chris Butler interview last issue, and this is his combo, recorded completely live, "no overdubs, all end of session rough mixes as final mixes!" That's right kids, live takes, vocals included, all done in two days at Cowboy Technical Service in Brooklyn by engineer Tim Hatfield. Mastered by Tom Ruff at Mercenary Productions. Greg's ace is the talented backing quartet behind him, supporting the tunes and playing well. There's a loose, engaging feel here like Dylan's Highway 61, certainly due to the live studio approach, though the 16 track, 15 ips 2" and accompanying tape hiss doesn't hurt! ”

Larry Crane - Tape Op

“What a great album, your best easily I'd say and I am a big fan of your last work. The production, execution, and musicianship is ultra tasty and alive. The songs themselves are top notch. ”

Don Campau - No Pigeonholes // KKUP; Cupertino, CA