Greg Robertson's WAKE / Press

“ great songs...totally professional...& love the lyrics...Im sure your music will do very well...!”

“. . .Glad to have you on IMRadio. We are having good time listening to your awesome music on IMRadio. You rock!! Keep up the good work. We look forward to the opportunity of getting more of your songs into our daily rotation! . . . ”

“. . .Wow - I totally love the groove. Just a gentle rocking motion that locks you into it and your vocals were perfect for the song. . . .”

“(upon seeing Youtube of 'Emancipation') ". . very nice! . . "”

“[ Re:NUMBER ONE ON REVERBNATION!!!! ] What can i say Greg, well blooming done! you truley are a talented musician!xxxLisa xxx ”

“ "Wow! You have a great sound!! Love it! Do you also have a myspace account? I like to help good musicians like you get your music out to more people . . ."”

“Hey Greg...I listen[ed] to the revamped version of Alive in you...and I must say I cried..it was so beautiful what you did with it..I fell in love with the song even more! Keep up with your greatness! Blessings.”