“The songs of Gregory Rawlins combine engaging storytelling with sharply focused visual imagery, drawing the listener into a shared world of intensely-held emotions. Performed with an eclectic ingenuity and an unconventional approach to instruments, a live show by Gregory Rawlins is not to be missed.”

Greg Harness - RootsWorld Magazine

“(of Elwha) Haunting, yet sweet. The perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer evening.”

“Singer/Songwriter Greg Rawlins has done it again. His third solo album,”Elwha,” is an audible example of why we all need to stop and smell the roses. Adventuring across 11 songs, Greg manages to capture the strangeness and graceful honesty of the human condition. The albums imagery stretches deep into rural America, conversing with antiquated farm equipment and negotiating passage with the sun as she casts her final shadows over the mountains. But the messages are deeper than rustic life in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Rawlins dive-bombs the heart of civilization and carefully re-builds musical skyscrapers one girder at a time, controlling each instrument and lyric with thoughtful precision as he crafts “Elwha” into a glowing metropolis of interpersonal communication, longing, loss, & inner balance. This is an album for humanity. ”

"Rawlins’ music is deep Americana. He’s a fantastic songwriter with something to say. It’s not folk and it’s not rock and roll — but it sizzles like it. Whether Rawlins is playing solo, as a duet or in a band format, he never loses his edge. He’s the kind of performer you can envision playing on a large-venue stage or jamming on your living room sofa. Rawlins encapsulates what great music and performance is about. He’s highly recommended by this writer."

“In a world of quick fixes and shock value, one-hit wonders and weekly online sensations, it is a rare treat to hear a songwriter like Gregory Rawlins, a poet whose words are both whittled from the sturdy oak of folk tradition as they are tempered by the modern-day skyscraper. His images dance whimsically, often playfully, yet reveal a landscape littered with subtle truths, dark confessions, and fierce social critiques, placing him among the ranks of musicians John Prine, Bob Dylan, and Townes Van Zandt."”

"When we hear the term singer-songwriter, a very specific image comes to mind: A troubled soul at a coffee shop, spilling their emotions for everyone to see behind a worn acoustic guitar or a slightly out-of-tune piano. While this is a very tried-and-true genre, it is always nice when an artist comes along to throw some new tricks into the trade. Enter Gregory Rawlins, with his second full-length solo album, Fuggit, I’ll Bet a Hunnerd. While his 2008 full-length The Amazing Circle of Boxes featured mostly acoustic-driven songs, Fuggit, I’ll Bet a Hunnerd delves much more into Rawlins’ experimental side, as he seems more interested in evoking an array of different reactions and emotions from the listener. "The album takes you on a journey that will have you tapping your toes, bobbing your head and cringing in all the best ways as Rawlins intertwines his cozy sense of comaraderie with a wistful tone that is entirely unique."

Jeff Van Vickle - The Voice