Gregorio Uribe Big Band / Press

“Gregorio Uribe, Alejandro Acosta y Sergio Saavedra sabían cómo ganarse lo de la comida y los pasajes: llevaron guitarra, tres cubano, cuatro llanero, acordeón, caja, maracas y guacharaca. Recorrieron Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Perú y Ecuador. Tocaban en esquinas, restaurantes y discotecas, y había días en que apenas tenían para comer.”

“With the Colombian tambora’s percussions combined in unison with African drumming and the horns blazing the melody of Jazz, the hybridity of musical elements are brought together by the accordion solos performed by Uribe himself.”

"Gregorio Uribe, a mild-mannered 25-year old from Bogot , Colombia, manages to strike a rare balance between youthful energy and the authority of a self-made music impresario."

“New York City’s Colombian scene swings into full effect for the annual Encuentro festival, featuring 20 bands rollicking for an entire day at the Highline Ballroom.”