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“ BOA Artists who uploaded their work by 1st April were automatically entered into the competition, judged by Ben Moore of Art Below. Many congratulations to our winners who will become the first artists to showcase their work digitally in one of London's busiest stations, potentially reaching 3 million people. View our winners' individual galleries below. Andreas Georgio Scotty Brave 1. Agneta Dziubek Michelle Nichols Daniel Morgenstern Hannah Biscombe Rufus Krieger Charlotte Cory Oliver Malin Olga Hoffman April Bending William Halbersma Adeline de Monseignat Lorraine Clarke Hara Grivokostopoulou Susie Mendelsson Morgan Davy Greg McLaughlin Charlotte De Cock Colin Clarke Winners' masterpieces will be revealed on screen at Liverpool Street station, London. See you on the platform! ”

“Greg McLaughlin now on Ovation”

“THE FRONT - GREAT BAND! Glad this is available FINALLY! Heard about The Front many many years ago. it was impossible to get their stuff, though, for years, but I never forgot them. Once I learned that they FINALLY reissued this AMAZING punk rock (Miami style, haha!), I JUMPED ON IT. Oh, and I was Flipside Fanzine staff for many years and believe me, if the zine was still around, I'd give them a COVER. ”

“SCURGE - Expanding the Sonic Palette Vocals morph from an Echo and the Bunnymen warmth to a somber, mysterious growl. Lush instrumentals are connected by different elements of "pure idea audio," a style that Scurge has pioneered to keep up with today's lack of attention span. In the intro to 'Lost,' drums and keyboards collapse as police sirens run you down like a dog. On 'Numb,' we see the band's hit potential, as a lighter side of Scurge illustrates how broadly they can expand your speakers. A slight Air influence is detected, but thankfully the song never descends into an obligatory mood-based stone. Scurge have a facinating crowbar seperation between themselves and their influences. The final track gives an obvious and respectful nod to the Beatles' use of reversed guitars, Scurge are expanding the electronic boundaries of today, and changing what we ever thought music means. Watch out for their next record. It may hit you where you live. ”

“The Front, being a miami band in the punk wave of the early 80's had a sound like no other. The music manages to combine the restlessness of punk's origin, with a love for what they were doing... An optimism and humor are present. I can say that this cd... is a gift, and a beautiful tribute to Randy Rush. ”

“Velvascurge aka Scurge Human Element - Esync Records - EP - Miami Fl released 1985 Human Element is Scurge’s first release “SOUND CHOICE “ Jim Butterfield This is fun stuff from a Miami trio that knows how to write and produce great modern pop. The lead vocalist Greg McLaughlin vocals are clear and full of energy.Engineer ,producer and musician, DeLooch steals the show however. All five songs are very slickly produced, but a “human element” shines through to make them endearing instead of mechanical. No stand out tunes on this record - they’re all great - Jim Butterfield ”

“Better than DrUGGS ... SCURGE - BETTER THAN DRUGGS author: Biting Dog _ Two of us parked in the Jeep. Late nite. Warm. Sound turned up to 11. Mesmeric. Listened to the whole thing end-to-end. Grinning like loons. Yeah, better than DrUGGS ... ”

“SCURGE - Amazing! author: RIchard Palankas A remarkable album that shows great songwriting with very original sound design and production. Song concepts are very interesting and unique. These guys definately march to their own drummer. ”

“Scurge........... The experience.......... author: Rikks Revues An experience is just what Scurge is . Blended from the styles of both members. A style that blend the simplicity of 80s pop with the complexity of modern pop. Scurge is Looch and Greg McLaughlin . For the ful review, visit Rikks Revues website, pop pages ”

“SCURGE - ElectroPoppers with Honed Edges author: Plaid The Impala Cutting-edge approach to modern pop. Deep melodic sensibilities. Intelligent lyrics. Great dance grooves. Very cool stuff. Love "The Alembic" ”

“SCURGE - HUMANOT - Great work author: Pierre LeBlanc As expected the engineering and production is cutting edge and the the music is fantastic. It's not your every day pop can music, Those guys have fearlessly push the envelope. I love it ”

“SCURGE - HUMANOT - Absolutely GREAT!!!!!!! author: William Reynolds This record stands out in a sea of brainless, monotonous, derivative crap and gives one hope that intelligent, creative, melodic, intense, and honest music is still out there. Their straightforward website www.whateverwayproductions.com is refreshing without too many glossed out bells and whistles. The reality of what really counts (the Music) is what this is all about. Put on your thinking/being caps and enjoy a unique and amazing album in whatever world you think your in. ”

“SCURGE - RADIOHEAD MEETS THE BEATLES author: Belainek Radio head meets the Beatles... beautiful. Great melody and voice on the vocals. I really like the sound you guys are going for, kind the beatles meets radiohead or something. I really have nothing critical to say about this song, and I would not be at all surprised if I heard you guys on the radio at some point. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track. - Belainek Louisville, Colorado ”

“SCURGE - Review of "UNPREDICTABLE" author: PIGTHE block-rocking beats The drumbeat in this song is fantastic and really drives the rhythm of the song home. Much the same with the other production - it has a real sense of care and craft with any one instrument overwhelming the mix or appearing to vie for the listener's attention. The vocals and melody are pretty much flawless, sounding sublimely Beatle-y, but also decidedly modern, with hints of Eels to them (most noticeable in the drop-out section). In a perfect world, this is the kind of music that Paul McCartney would be making these days. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood. - pigthe February 4th, 2006 ”

“THE FRONT -POOR PEOPLE - DON'T Feed Em author: NickDanger13 I'd really like to help you but I already paid my ta Don't Tell Me That You actually fed one of them?!? You know what they say. "Feed them once, and they keep coming back" Never mind the fact that they often bring more of their kind with them the next time. Hell I hope you have a big house! Well either that or a hole in the backyard that goes straight to Arkansas. Great lyrics, and delivery here. Who says that a political message has to be delivered in a serious manner? When you combine the lyrics and the attitude there are some additional messages that surface. The strength of this song is that it makes the listener think as opposed to saying "this sucks, or that sucks, etc." Very clever! Reviewed by: NickDanger13 from College Park, Maryland ”

“THE FRONT - Immigation Report Not Retro The Real Thing author: Bladehaven Review of BUY GUNS by THE FRONT PROPER Genre: Alternative 3.5 get yourself a deal this is the sound of britain in the early 80. this song has a really good retro grrove but at the current speed i'm not sure if there will be anyone left who enjoys this kind of music after the current retro fad is over. apart from me that is. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Beat, Mood, Grooviest Rhythm. - bladehaven January 27th, 2004 ”

“We Mean It Man !!!! author: Keith Crash The Sex Pistols Reincarnated? I really dig this song man. That’s great. Like a million people probably tell you, the vocals are reminiscent of Johnny. The song it punk at it’s finest. It political, short and pissed. It has a message and has no qualms telling you what it is. The intro is fantastic. As the rest of the song plays out, the only complaint I have is it’s a little slow. I say pick up the tempo a bit. Reviewed by: Keithcrash from Olympia, Washington ”

“Surf Punk Baby!!! Do It UP!!! author: Surf punk baby!!!! DO IT UP!! oh man awesome surf guitar I had to go change my shorts after the intro. the lead singer sounds like an american version of monkey from The Adicts whichs works great with the guitars. the bass wass pumping hard and demanding WOOOT this was freaking great. Show thos pop-punk sluts whos in charge! ”

“musicians I will ever have the honor of knowing. Rock! xoxo. Read more... YESSSS author: . YESSSS These guys kick ass. They have an 80's clash style sound that's a lot better than most of those bands did then (not better than the clash but right up there). I can find no fault with this song, I would recomend this to young and old alike. ”

“punk rock that could have only come from miami! author: buick audra The Front, being a miami band in the punk wave of the early 80's had a sound like no other. The music manages to combine the restlessness of punk's origin, with a love for what they were doing... An optimism and humor are present. Having seen the band live in their original live format, I can say that this cd is a gift, and a beautiful tribute to Randy Rush. He was a great man, and one of the most talented musicians I will ever have the honor of knowing. Rock! xoxo. ”

“THE FRONT- Immigration Report - OI British sounding punk reminiscent of old school punk. Nice sounding guitar riffs and fairly simple catchy beat. The simplistic nature of this song is what makes it so addictive. It is a nice kind of bouncy song that sticks in your head. This reminds me a lot of the Ramones. Its nice to hear stuff like this again. The only thing that i can think of that would make this song better is to add a solo in there. A guitar solo would sound nice and it would make the song longer as well as add some variety. Overall a very nice job. Keep Rockin! Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Beat. ”

“THE FRONT - The Sex Pistols Reincarnated? I really dig this song man. That’s great. Like a million people probably tell you, the vocals are reminiscent of Johnny. ”

“ Immigration Report - The Front Old School to the Max! I hope you guys are together and strong, cuz this is great! This is old school punk as accurate as it could be by a band from today.Wow, did you hit it right. Guitars: The solo at the beginning is sweet. , it just screams MOVE!! Vocals: Not great. Oh, and that's a compliment. I love the vocals. Well done, nothing needs changing in my opinion bass: Didn't stand out to me. I'd have to give a second listen. Drums: Simple rockin' solid drumlines. Production made for a kinda sizzly sounding hi-hat, but well...it happens, it still sounds great for the quality the recording is capable of. okay back to bass: Could be louder. Perhaps it's these crappy speakers though, but I"m not hearing it. It may be cuz you're playing the same thing the guitars are Good work guys. Get on the road and introduce the youngsters to REAL PUNK ROCK!! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Beat, Mood. ”

“WET THINGS" author: good soundin' old-school punk I dig this enough. Nothing ground-breaking, but this is a cool, straight-foward 70s sounding punk song. That guitar groove is fun, simple and catchy. Rhythm section is nothing spectacular but the upbeat groove is well established. I like the vocals, I'm a sucker for that English sneer, and the verses and chorus are infectious. The song is just the right length too, 2:30 of simple pop bliss. Lyrics are rather clever, and I think I got the jest of the message. Pretty good tune, keep it up! Rating: 3 out of 5; better than average CDbaby customer”

“Behind The Front”

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