Greg Loftus / Press

“Loftus’s voice echoes an early Springsteen with a bit more dirt on it, but still maintains a sound all its own. The band is prime and genuine, the writing is blue collared hard but still has a bit of vulnerability to it. Plainly stated…this shit is just great.”

Brian Carroll - Red Line Roots Music Blog

“Texans don’t usually cotton to a carpetbagger, but the Austin band Carpetbagger–well, that’s a different story altogether. The local foursome plays rootsy alt-country that hits the sweet spot in the Texan heart. You’ll find that yin and yang in every great country tune, and Carpetbagger delivers it masterfully, like Texans–no matter where they might be from.”

Paul Carrubba - Producer KUTX

“Greg Loftus takes the stage and the listeners go silent. He sings with an intense passion and the crowd is hooked, moving to the high-energy. Greg’s got the voice of the traveling bard singing from experience, his voice flowing with the memories of the story behind the tunes.”

“Greg is a recent transplant to Austin from Boston. He has that hard road, blue collar, grassroots, bar folk that you hear coming from post-punk musicians these days. Somewhere in the mix between Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Tim Barry (Avail), Townes Van Zant and Steve Earle. We are glad we found Greg and are more than happy to help him get on the stage here in Austin with like-minded artists.”

Gene Griffin - The Versatile Syndicate

"Massachusett’s Greg Loftus and company have zeroed right into the brawling big-heartedness you’d expect to find anywhere up and down the Blue Ridge. And it’s not posturing–it’s more like they just had the bad luck of being reincarnated on the wrong side of the Mason & Dixon...

“MY BEST REGRET fulfills the “bringing you somewhere instead of sending you somewhere” criteria for good songs, and does so in style.”

“No Taking Prisoners Tonight is an incredibly solid debut effort that is sure to turn heads in the alt-country/folk scene. The full band arrangements allow Greg's acoustic driven songs to flourish into dirty rocking romps that would fit in at any rowdy country bar.”

“Greg Loftus is also indebted to the Tupelo legacy.....(They) play as if their lives depended on it.....The legacy is in good hands.”

"Hey Greg, go get me another round of your music."

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