Greg Holmes / Press

“Jazz Artist of the Year”

2012 and 2010 Niagara Music Awards.

“You can come and play anytime. Anytime!”

Chuck Jackson

“You're the real thing, man, the real thing.”

Wendell Blue

“$%#@*!! People gotta *@#$% hear your @*$@% music!!”

Dan Thomas

“Mind boggling!”

Shrimp Daddy

“Man, you do NOT wank!”

Pat Carey

“It's urban hip, but away from the crowd - like on a rooftop or fire escape.”


“Your playing has restored our faith in music.”

Audience Comment

“It was the best live music we've heard in 20 years.”

Audience Comment

“I could listen to your playing (and that voice!!) for hours and hours and hours...”

Audience Comment

“Greg - yer a smart and talented somnabeatch.”

Audience Comment

“You're awesome! - Bloody brilliant! - Musical genius! - An astonishing vocal talent!”

Audience Comments