Greg Grease / Press

“StupidDope.com is pleased to premiere Minneapolis artist Greg Grease’ dope new video! Since his project The Giving Tree, Greg Grease is fast proving to be a formidable talent on the underground scene. Following last week’s release of his highly praised track “RIP Well” – an ode to his fallen homies, Greg Grease releases “Basement Soul” – the first visuals off his miniseries Cornbread’s Coming. “Basement Soul” smooth, soulful song with twinkling piano keys woven throughout, furnishing it with a cool summery ambience. I can’t blame the leading lady in this vid for being captivated by the song either, it’s ill. And if we’re all keeping it 100, we’ve probably all been there ourselves (I usually like to use my hairbrush as a mic). It should be mentioned that Greg Grease also directed this video alongside Kale Eickhof Grease and it was filmed in what appears to be, the coolest basement on the planet!”

“Soulful Minneapolis MC Greg Grease continues to drop smooth hits this summer, and "Basement Soul" keeps that trend going. Grease's highly anticipated full-length album, Cornbread, Pearl & G, is set to be released this fall, and if this funky new track and video (which Grease directed along with Kale Eickhof Grease) is any indication, that record should be a big hit for local hip-hop fans in the Twin Cities and beyond.”

“Following the success of “Rip Well” Greg Grease delivers the second offering from his Cornbread’s Coming series, leading up to Cornbread, Earl and G, the Minneapolis emcee provides us with not only the single but also a video for the new joint,”Basement Soul.” For the single we find Greg giving us a little insight into who he is using his signature delivery and ill wordplay over the soulful production provided by Alejandro P and Bobby Raps. “Basement Soul” is a great introduction to what is to come for the rest of the series and full-length, which is set to drop this fall. Shouts to the wonderful Alicia Steele for her performance in the video! Cop “Basement Soul” for free below!”

“With the release of the music video for Minneapolis lyricist Greg Grease‘s latest single Basement Soul comes an obvious lesson: when a mysterious basement ghost plays a rapper’s record you don’t call Ghostbusters, but instead dance like no one’s watching. You should consider that tidbit just one of life’s many lessons. On top of serving as a unique visual, the CKFD & River Life Media-directed music video for Basement Soul also brings out the double meaning in the record’s title. As expected the production on Basement Soul is heavy on the soul (not of the ghoulish variety) thanks to Alejandro P and Bobby Raps’ use of keys and nostalgic scratches. Basement Soul serves as the latest entry in Grease’s Cornbread’s Coming series, which precedes the fall release of the spitter’s Cornbread, Earl & G project.”

“Greg Grease of the Usual Suspects debuted a strong solo outing of laid back raps and soulful beats, which was released as a free download on April 20. The vibe is chilled but powerful, tackling huge topics with sincerity and understated deftness. Grease's flow is strikingly smooth, slinking over down-tempo tracks with an equal measure of looseness and precision that accents every line. There's an impressive consistency here that manages to link mellow stylings with moments of brashness ("Wizards of the Coast" features a surprisingly non-corny pirate-voice rap), and the album comes together as a slick and solid listen front to back.”