Greg Goldman / Press

“A masterpiece of an album by an artist whose multi-instrumental and production versatility matches that of his song craft. Greg pens elegant compositions and explores magisterial musical moments delivered with a lightness of touch as he sings from the heart, on an album that straddles gentle west coast influences and jazz fusion. He creates an exciting, shifting musical tableau full of beguiling music, sweeping arrangements, intricate rhythms, mellifluous vocals and a stellar production that brings light and shade to 13 vibrant interlocking tracks. There's a summery feel-good vibe about this album that sweeps you off your feet, with some airy melodies and lovely vocals that switch from lyrical enunciation to backing vocals in the blink of an eye. Each track builds on the previous one, on album that leads you to try and second guess what he has in mind.”

Pete Feenstra - GetReadyToRock.com

“'Cathexis' is the breathtaking hugely enjoyable new thirteen track album from St. Louis based solo artist Greg Goldman. This album has all the fundamentals I like about classic acoustic retro/rock albums with a modern slant that strikes a chord with me for its rich diversity, fun energy and passion...A lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of 'Cathexis,' especially with the production and it baffles me as to why artists like Greg Goldman are not huge. This record has all the hallmarks that fans of this genre love...Musically it's all here, there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout 'Cathexis' and Greg's music makes you listen and smile, we couldn't ask for more really and this is one of those albums I can play forever and get lost in. Watch out for Greg Goldman, one to look out for in the future and a band who play with feeling and style, and that’s a rare thing.”

“The production work is excellent and the playing is strong. Vocals are Greg's weak point, but he knows his limitations and never overtaxes what he has, which means everything on the album is more than listenable. Songs range from the groovy opening of 'Whole/Part' to the more jazzy swing of 'Centre of the Universe,' all the way to the spacey 'Apropos' and the curiously effective synth led 'Faith Proposal.' The most rocking moment on the album is at the beginning of 'All,' but, that quickly fades back down to the more mellow style that permeates throughout the album. There are some mis-steps, the jerking, effect laden 'Validation' did nothing for me, but I liked the funky 'Recipe for Ruin.' After hearing the album a few times, I liked its laid back vibe, but it lacked anything of a particularly memorable nature. Goldman is clearly a talent and I have the utmost respect for those with enough ability to make a solo album alone.”

James Gaden - Fireworks Magazine (UK)

“Worth a good listen to.”

Glenn Milligan - www.metalliville.co.uk