Greg Ginn & The Taylor Texas Corrugators / Press

“The sound of guitarist Greg Ginn, for those who have heard him, is instantly familiar. That is, unless you can find another guitarist who manages to meld a nasty, gutbucket blues tone with rock edge and jazz thoughtfulness. We won’t wait while you look. ”

“Ginn...seems most content playing his own music on his own terms—and what’s more punk rock than that?”

“Ginn toured the U.S. relentlessly, forging the Oregon Trail of DIY, a coast-to-coast network that artists still rely upon today.”

“Lovers of music in general can appreciate seeing musicians experiment with a medium, and that is exactly what Ginn has always skillfully done with the lawless guitar style he's known for.”

“Jambang and the Texas Corrugators for an evening filled with the sultry sound of quality jam band tunes.”

“Ginn has cranked out a rollicking twang that seems aptly suited to an aging rocker who refuses to conform. ”

“Greg Ginn is complicated — and misunderstood...”

“When most people think of Greg Ginn, bands like The Grateful Dead,Disco Biscuits or Eoto aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind...”