Greg Diamond / Press

“Greg Diamond’s music throughout this set shows him to be an accomplished composer and this, a rather admirable trait in any circumstance, is backed by greater musicianship – not mere virtuosity – with which to approach the guitar than many musicians on the instrument today. Combining the chromatic richness of ethereal fluidity of long, loping lines with short stabbing statements, as well as fabulous pizzicato playing with an aptitude of perfect-sounding notes and a bubbling imagination Diamond makes short work of even the most complex musical challenge. Add to that the fact that he draws on the richness of multiculturalism not only in New York, but in his very DNA and you have a rather compelling reason for his special music.”

““...Diamond’s music is energetic and transcendental, a subjective vision of the artist realized in masterful form, where melody, harmony, and rhythm converge in a unique coalition that transmits with eloquence and great expressive force...””

“Greg Diamond I consider to be one of the most exciting guitarists that I have heard in years. Although well established in his native New York City outside of the big apple he is largely unknown. With this release I am sure he will gain the attention of the international jazz world that he deserves.”

“Diamond continues to explore and refine a distinctive modern sound, and Conduit serves as the perfect vehicle for interpreting his take on fusion, Latin and other modern sounds that comprise the jazz spectrum. One thing is certain: this a varied musical project energized by strong writing and superb musicianship, beginning with Diamond and extending to each member of his band.”