Greg Blachman / Press

“GBB - "Progressive Metal Heroes"”

“Highland Hts. native goes 'Beyond Horizons'”

“Wicked riffage, my friend. "Beyond Horizons" mixes Tool with King Crimson and a little Dream Theater. Sweeeet!”

Noise Level - Reverb Nation

“Lovin the flow..the changes..the harmonies..the darkness of it, the Staley influence, man its ALL good”

John Lewis - Reverb Nation

“wicked deep and heavy sound to your playing on these tracks bro..love that crunchy, rockin tight riff for "beyond horizons"..tasty skills indeed!!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverb Nation

“One of the finest and most talented musicians that cincy has produced for some time!”

Scott Gray - Facebook

“Prison gives me the same chills I got the first time I heard 'We Die Young', You are a unique Artist, a truly refined performer with a knack for hooky chops. One of the best on ALL of reverbnation.”

Lloyd Nine - Reverb Nation

“Progressive metal doesn't always work, but when it does it's wicked. Greg's compositions and arrangements highlight his mad skillz on guitar. "Beyond Horizons" and "Sirens" have serious twists and turns, along with a heaviness in tone and mood that recalls Alice.”

Howard Lawrence - Reverb Nation

“What a great sound! Land Of The Free is awesome - but, love them all! Fantastic riffs and tone!”

Bruce Graml - Reverb Nation