Greenriver Thrillers / Press

“Thankfully, The Greenriver Thrillers came to the evening's rescue. I have to say Fuck Yes!! They have a post-punk hard-rock type of thing going and I could tell these guys have been playing together for a loong time. They brought nothing but energy to that little room and I kept wanting more. I would have bought an album that night if they had one for sale. One of the things I really liked about this set, is that there was zero ego involved. They got out there, played like fucking maniacs, and finished their set. That's how its done folks! Fuck witty banter. Fuck your stupid stories. Play the fucking gig and let the chips fall where they may. Go see these guys next time they play, you'll learn something.”

“The Greenriver Thrillers will play anytime, anywhere! That's right! Doesn't matter if a hundred people or two stragglin' hobos attend the gig, count on the Greenriver Thrillers to kick your ass. Hear some music blastin' from under a bridge? That might be G.R.T. thrashin' away on "Power Troll! The Greenriver Thrillers will drive into your barrio, kick down the door, drink all your damn beer, blow your ear drums, and leave you with a smile big enough that Bill Cosby would get a hard on. On Saturday, August 29th at The Rendezvous, The Greenriver Thrillers will beat the old mechanical meat with Oakland products: Hurry Up Shotgun, who will feature special guest Conan Neutron (Victory and Associates, Replicator, and Mount Vicious) on second guitar. The show will also feature local band, Bismarck, who sing a ripping song about former baseball free agent extraordinaire: Curt Flood. Now go enjoy your Saturday!”

“ Show Preview: Greenriver Thrillers @ The Rendezvous tonight 09/18/2009 I’ve seen Greenriver Thrillers a few times and highly recommend checking out this show. Their straightforward punk assault is refreshing and fun, and they are part of a solid-sounding lineup playing tonight.”

“I stopped off at the Blue Moon and much to my happy surprise, the Greenriver Thrillers were setting the stage for their headlining set. The Greenriver Thrillers play lively tight punk music that is somehow soothing, though wonderfully noisy. ”

“The Greenriver Thrillers brought it. They claim they sound like, "A troll stumbling down an alley." I wonder what it would be like if the troll stumbled into the Cube club? Now, that's a kick ass short film. At any rate, I digress and must admit that a stumbling troll sounds awesome. ”