Greenlaw / Press

“Though Saskatoon’s electronic scene may not boast the incredible following it does in Europe or even in Montreal, dub step, soul, hip-hop duo Greenlaw will look to inject the city with a healthy dose of electronic rejuvenation when they travel to Saskatoon. Yet another symbol of Victoria, B.C.’s very potent music scene, Greenlaw is an expression of Vancouver Island electronic music. Members of Greenlaw, Skyla J. and MC Ozzie, will be rocking the stage at the Fez on Broadway (formerly the Roxy) on Aug. 19 and Vangellis on Aug. 21. Greenlaw isn’t your generic, mindless, heart racing electronic music however, and aside from incorporating live instruments such as a bass, keyboard and flute, Greenlaw provides a human element to the electronic genre. Skyla J. laces most of Greenlaw’s choruses with her mellow and enticing indie voice, on par with the likes of Feist and Metric, while Oz supplies Greenlaw’s hip-hop factor with quickly paced rap verses over the house and dub-step bea”

“Greenlaw is a live performance/electronic music duo hailing from British Columbia, Canada. The group fuses live jazz and soul with drum’n'bass and dub, with influences that stretch everywhere in between. The group has recieved high praises for their debut single ‘Warrior‘ on DJ SS‘s highly touted Formation Records imprint. Touring has been a large part of the group’s professional life ever since, having been involved with such ventures as The World of Drum’n'Bass tour as well as a TC Electronics sponsored European outing that saw them rocking crowds everywhere from the UK to Germany. Watch out for the new single, “After I’m Gone“, which has been receiving support and airplay from Fabio and Grooverider, and remix treatment from DJ SS, Nero, and more. Check out this mix; it will educate you on the Greenlaw sound and preview their new album, in the works for early next year.”