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“Drawn to a unique melding of funky backbeats, arena-rock riffs and the pleasing aesthetics of the Apple-lit jam generation, fans (via a Kickstarter campaign) financed New Beginnings, the first LP from space-rockers Gravity A since adding guitarist Danny Abel and bassist Devin Kerrigan. This investment pays immediate dividends when, three minutes into the opening title track, the raw power and pure intention this promising young band possesses at its peak moments come alive in the stellar synth work of Andrew Meehan, tenacious drumming of Michael Fouquier and blistering saxophone of Khris Royal, who, though not officially a Gravity A member, is a live-set staple and contributes to four tracks on the album.”

“The most complete integration of Gravity A’s components comes in “Some1 Like You,” where the Kerrigan’s bass percolates as if the the groove will go on forever on a passage that gives way Cristin Bradford, who sings the title phrase and imposes a soul jazz vibe on the song.”

“Gravity A will be performing this spring in a south east city near you. Nominated for Best Electronica Act (Best of The Big Easy Awards), the New Orleans-based quartet will be appearing twice with U.K. producer, Bonobo, in addition to a few other TBA surprises. After five years of dedicated work, two devastating hurricanes, and one tour bus that has brought the band more financial debt than they bargained for, Gravity A plans to make this their best tour yet. Atlanta-based dubstep producer, Uprise, will be featured on a handful of dates and will be joined by GravA drummer, Michael Fouquier (a collaboration that delivered a head turning performance earlier this year as support for Winter Circle Production's Starkey at One Eyed Jacks during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 2/12/10). ”

“OLA Defender Last week, Laura Cayouette attended Gravity A's st... Last week, Laura Cayouette attended Gravity A's standing 10 pm Wednesday gig at Banks Street Bar in Mid-City. Gravity A's music is an eclectic mix ranging from a cover of a 1972 Herbie Hancock song to fun funky dance tunes and trance-like electronica.”

“In New Orleans, you'll find a melting pot of music where older styles meet the modern world. Gravity A is Jon Solomon (bass), Mike Fouquier (drums), Aaron Lind (guitar), Andrew Meehan (keys). With one or two performances every week in town and a cult-like following, plan on catching thie talented act on stage while visiting (New Orleans).”

Johnathan Kramm - Express Jet in Flight Magazine

“Nominated Best Electronica act 2010”