Graveyard BBQ / Press

"It's sweet ectasy on your ears molted out of high octane boogie and slide guitar. Dig in fellas and dont' forget to floss your teeth!"

Smutstrutter - SleazeGrinder.com

"Greatest Hits Volume II is a monstrous slab of loud, raw, bluesy, dirty, gritty, metal-infused southern mothafuckin’ RAWK. Emphasis on the “mothafuckin'"

Vince Neilstein - MetalSucks.net

"Who the fuck is Graveyard BBQ???!!!"

Zakk Wylde - B.L.S/Ozzy

"They incorporate their strong roots of good ol' rock n' roll, delta blues, southern rock, and almighty metal into their own modern soul-laced style of electrified rock carnival with speed and hilarity that grabs you by the balls and says "I said dance!"

KweenOfRocknRoll - G.A.S.P.com

"The rip-roarin'est, hoot-whorin'est, weed-tokin'est metal band north o' tha mason-dixon. If Lynyrd Skynyrd and Metallica smoked crank and jammed together, you'd get Graveyard BBQ."

Bobby Black - High Times Magazine