GraveSideService / Press

“Masters In Lunacy, the other album by piano-playing, atmosphere-inducing black metallers GraveSideService, is (sadly) largely the same as their sophomore (I know it's strange to talk about these two in such a backwards chronological manner, but I listened to and reviewed the second one before this one, so bear with me). Instrumentally speaking, shit is decent. Drums are well-played and creative (with some cool parts thrown around the album) and do keep up with the song. The vocals are OK. They're a bit low in the mix sometimes and lack the real punch, but they're alright. A little more growl, a little less scream and a little more volume and they'd be perfect. The piano is obviously the main component of the music here, and although I'm really, REALLY no piano expert by any means, it's still enjoyable. Atmosphere is what the music creates, and it's also well done. I hate having to keep using the adjective”

“Allow me to paint a picture in your mind. It's a dark, stormy night. Thunderclaps deafen you as you run through the woods. A killer chases you, the knife in his left hand still glistening with blood from the flesh wound he had managed to give you. Then...the ominous music starts. This is GraveSideService. Consisting of only piano/synth, drums, and vocals, this black/neo-classical metal band hails from Rhode Island, and their unique style envelopes the listener and transports them to the situation I described.”

“This band is quite certainly, (or arguably... or both) responsible for some of the most stimulating, critically hated, abhorrently induced blog threads ever posted on the Encyclopaedia Metallum reviews page. From Cranston, Rhode Island this is Masters in Lunacy by GRAVESIDESERVICE. An album recorded in New England with gloaming soundscapes founded on a deranged concept. Masters in Lunacy bends our ear holes into new platforms of listening. An album that gets weird but still packs bite like a kick to the teeth. Even far more depressing than the fowl stench from a sense of false hope at a funeral. Plan on taking a shower after listening to these guys, this shit is full of awesome filth.”