Gravel Switch / Press

“Saw these cats at dublins last night and it was legit. Played killer tunes, their energy was insane, and everyone is good at what they do. If u pass up a chance to see these guys your missing out. Keep rocking guys, love the CD too. Killer originals!”

GS Fan

“Why is Gravel Switch not coming back to ROCK FEST 2012???????”

Rock Fest Fan

“wow you guys rock. this song hit home for me and you sound so awesome! im checking out bands on youtube that i havnt heard of before who will be playing at rockfest this year. gravel switch is by far the best! see you july 17th!!”

Rock Fest Fan

“just wanted to say, "YOU GUYS ROOOCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!"”

Justin Parker

“You guys kicked my ass twice this weekend!!! Best show of the night!!”

Battle of the band Judge

“Gravel Switch is the best band I've ever seen play here!!”

Rockfest Fan

“GOOOO GRAVEL SWITCH GO! you guys keep on rockin with your bad selves. you are one of the bands that i see hitting the BIG time. you are one of the bands out of SO many (you wouldn't BELIEVE how many are popping up, it's amazing) that i truly know in my heart will go big time if the right person sees/ hears y'all. truly.”

GS Fan

“It might be a rough and bumpy road for GRAVEL SWITCH to go down , but I'm willing to go down that road with them if that's what it takes! Their not only a band, their my brothers!!”

Jade Robertson- GS Mgr

“I love your music, but I may be a little biased!! LOL!!”

Holly Pierce

“Great show at the Rock Bar last weekend! We had too much fun! Hope to see you guys again real soon!”

GS Fan

“This is going to be a huge band-mark my words! These guys have incredible stage presence, killer vocals, and great song writing! Go see them before their ticket prices are astronomical! And they are the nicest guys you ever want to meet!”

Lisa Fishering

“You REALLY have to see GS live. They have an energy that shoots through a crowd like a hot knife through butter. I haven't enjoyed a live performance of this caliber since Nickelback!”

Pat Scully

“I must say I am proud of some of the rock bands comin' outta the south. Black Stone Cherry, and Cage the Elephant are prime examples. Gravel Switch from Kentucky are soundin' damn good to me. ”