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"Seattle blues rockers GravelRoad get the vibe just right on “Waiting for Nothing,” which opens their fifth album, El Scuerpo (Knick Knack Records), rocking out quiet, unpostured blues to lead the way into the record’s varied takes, from the boogie-woogie shuffle of “40 Miles” to the psychedelic fluidity of “Green Grass,” straight-up heavy rock of “DD Amin,” languid roll of “Asteroid” and upbeat finish of “Flesh and Bone,” which is among the happiest songs I’ve ever heard about cannibalism. El Scuerpo flows well and a mix by Jack “Yes, That Jack Endino” Endino treats eight-minute heavy jam rocker “Asteroid” with its due reverence, and the more I hear it, the more I want to hear it."

“A Northern Howl-- GravelRoad kick down the doors with their fourth album The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin I’ve been blown away by it from the day they stepped up on stage in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and belted out the inaugural track, “The Run.” Nothing is easy on this album. Nothing is safe. It’s a full bore explosion of a statement. The band even departs from the hip-shake beat that, I feel, locked them into the Mississippi form. There’s the old story about the crossroad not far from GravelRoad’s beloved Red’s Juke Joint in Clarksdale. A lot of musicians use that cliche now when a band disappears and suddenly shows up lightyears ahead of the pack. I hate to turn to it, but from the second I heard the first song on this album played live, to today, as I’ve been listening to the final master, I’ve got to admit... when something like this comes along, you’ve can’t help thinking of the supernatural.”

Bart Cameron - Press Release (Excerpt)

“4. GravelRoad – Psychedelta I said that there was probably only two albums on my list that I play from start to finish. One is Mutt and this is the other (some of the Howlin’ Rain album sags for me – stacked with soul music cliche – and I long since ripped the five Springsteen highlights on to my phone). Psychedelta is a proper album. Consistent, addictive, hypnotic. Maybe it’s a flaw to say that there are no obvious highlights. Keep On Movin’ – a ZZ boogie – is on your next free CR CD, but I love the sunbaked blues of instrumental Furry and the languid drone of Caves”

“Enter Seattle locals GravelRoad, whom I came upon based on the recommendations of Mr. Greg Vandy. These guys tracked down the above-mentioned T-Model Ford, and seemingly with egos entirely stowed away, offered to help him tour and record albums. The result is absolutely astounding. If you track down the Alive Records releases The Ladies Man and Taledragger, on outstanding electric collection of reworkings of great blues riffs with T-Model freestyling and reinventing on the fly, you hear the complete tradition of the blues cranked out by a 90-year-old bluesman with full integrity and imagination. GravelRoad is the foundation on both releases, the invisible foundation, something like Kazuo Ishiguro’s famous butler– never noticed, but the reason everything works.”

“GravelRoad - Psychedelta: Since the release of their last album (2008’s Shot The Devil), this Seattle band has toured and recorded two albums with primal Mississippi blues artist T-Model Ford. Some of his raw energy might’ve rubbed off on them because they’re now back with their third and strongest album to date, a hard-driving set of raw, gritty blues-rock steeped in Mississippi hill country blues, featuring a variety of rocked-up deep, primal blues songs combining rumbling electric guitar riffs and some sweet slide along with hypnotic rhythms and husky vocals. 3/30/2012 -Don Yates”

“Old school blues musician T-Model Ford is about to drop an album with some new school friends from Seattle, the [trio] GravelRoad.”