Grasshopper Kaplan / Press

“I, Grasshopper Kaplan, am running for Mayor of San Francisco because I want to make our city a place where people can live. My motto is housing, housing, housing. If you work here, you gotta be able to live here ... The only dope that should be illegal is George Bush and Dick Cheney. Let’s legalize marijuana, with a greens for peace program. We can all get behind a greens for peace program here in San Francisco – I’m talking about a local tax on cannabis to help support schools, roads, parks, homes and hospitals, but not jails, and not wars. Greens for peace. Everybody chill out, smoke a joint, and vote Grasshopper for Mayor. ...Let’s make San Francisco Beautiful. Let’s make San Francisco a place where people can live – with freedom of mind, thought, and expression...celebration of freedom. Stop the war. Stop the torture and terror. Vote Grasshopper”