Grant Sabin / Press

“An old soul at age 21, Grant Sabin started gigging in his mid-teens, with a sound that drew heavily from Robert Johnson and Mississippi Fred McDowell. He integrates those Delta blues influences into something more personal and unique on this 2011 EP, with biting slide guitar that complements his soulful growl and heartfelt lyrics”

“Grant's rumbling guitar sound — no effects, he tells me, just a high-impedance dobro pickup and a vintage tube amp — perfectly complements his soulful growl and heartfelt lyrics”

“ Although blues is a more aged category of music, Sabin brought out a wide variety in his crowd, aging from young to old. Most of the audience, at some point, went to the middle of the floor in front of the stage to dance. Sabin started the show on stage alone; it did not stay this way for long. He began to add other musicians and, by the end of his set, he had the stage filled with the Flumps and two trombone players. Sabin’s brilliant adaptation is what could bring the blues back on top again.”

“Grant Sabin is a unique, talented blues prodigy--steeped in traditional blueswell beyond his years. The multi-instrumentalist's babyface contradicts both his gruff voice and his repertoire, which includes not only his own modern work, but tributes to Son House and Jimi Hendrix as well. Sabin's musical delivery serves as a strong reminder that playing from the heart is clearly an innate process for some folks. With an eclectic approach to the blues/folk/rock spectrum that is honest and convincing, Grant is one of those rare souls who "just has it."”