Grant Peeples / Press

“Patriots, priests, pole-dancing for god, and the politics of belief. Grant Peeples' new record Prior Convictions isn’t easy, but it’s real as hell, and beautiful t’boot.”

Joyce Ziehli - Americana Gazette

“Peeples is unusually literate, unusually honest…Prior Convictions is a great uniquely Grant Peeples album..”

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music Magazine

“This is more than a collection of tunes, this is a statement of the love of the question, the conviction to ask it and of course, the remorse of the answer.””

Barry Everitt - House of Mercy/Maverick Magazine, UK

“There’s depth as well as danger in these songs…The music on this disc is that of a man unbound…”

The Tallahassee Democrat

“Blunt and straightforward…a fist to the face”

Mark Tucker - Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“This guy sounds like Prine, but with a Southern bent.”

Bobby Braddock - Nashville Songwriting Legend