Grant Flows / Press

“Grant Flows is a 25 yr. old Hip-Hop artist hailing from Champaign, IL. He cites his influences as including, but not being limited to artists like Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G, Slaughterhouse, Rittz, The Wu-Tang Clan, and Tupac. Flows believes that if the lyrics don’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense to say them. He is a word-smith and a deep thinker, his flow well crafted and artistic. Grant Flows is slowly but surely gaining credibility in the Chicago and Atlanta underground hip-hop scenes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Ep “Story Time”, dropping sometime this August. You can check out more music by Grant Flows on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/grant-flows.”

“GrantFlows GrantFlows has a knack for imagery, painting vivid pictures with his narrative flows. The rapper has a fairly gruff, but still very emotive cadence. His introspective southern flows recall Big K.R.I.T. at his most reflective, and makes GrantFlows an artist to watch in the future.”

“http://www.livestream.com/radioseenlive/share?clipId=pla_e27c3fbf-29fd-4925-a2e5-f8a08cd2619b 2nd place!”