Grant Duncan / Press

“Songs anchored in Jimi-esque guitar licks and poppy chord progressions dominate this retro landscape."”

“Stories from Cyber Grant Duncan Released: May 15 2011 Fresh from the pungent aroma of the south east melting pot that is Malaysia as it currently stands comes an album of straightforward but succinct appraisals of some of the difficulties that can occur when foreigners merge into a working environment dictatored by the money hungry Chinese-Malay influence. As Duncan adheres to in his liner notes for the album, it is often quality that is replaced by the desire to be recognised as something powerful in amongst the bedlam of disorder and chaos. Overall the 9-track CD is an enjoyable and up-beat indie-rock experience with an immediacy that allows it to evolve throughout the listening experience. Duncan’s Stories from Cyber is certainly a worthwhile addition to any indie CD collection. ”

“This week, I’m digging Grant Duncan, who’s from the UK, and has a very middle-years Beatles sound, especially in this track. This is an awesome pick-me-up song, repeating things like “it’s not your fault” and admonishing all of us to keep the ol’ chin up. Excellent for those [...] ”