Grand Splendid / Press

“Their songs are instantly enjoyable and rather infectious. We are dealing with upbeat and catchy rock that will sit in your head for a very happy chunk of time.”

"Montreal’s Grand Splendid make multi-textural guitar pop that transcends eras, mounted on an anthemic scale yet without the self-aggrandizing bombast."

““Hopeless” charmed me instantly, and I was not surprised to find out it’s the EP’s focus track. The straight-up rock swagger of “How Do You Feel Now?” is breezy without being flimsy and throwaway, and is a solid anchor as the penultimate of the EP’s five songs. On my initial listen to Numbers, I found myself disappointed that it was over as soon as it was, but maybe that’s Grand Splendid’s plan: leave the listener wanting more. If so, then congrats, boys, you’ve succeeded in spades.”

“The record fills a quota for pleasant, upbeat guitar-driven music akin to something like early Strokes with a dash of Interpol.”

“Check out Grand Splendid...their EP is melodic, as warm and as comforting as a pillow. We need something to get through this winter, this could be it! Numbers is superb!”

“The band is great at what they do, and each song will keep you listening. Rating: 4/5”

“Really lovely Montreal band. It's absolutely soothing and pleasant.”

“Straight from Montreal to your heart. Uplifting songs in a soft rock style.”

“New Must Listen: Listening to Numbers, Grand Splendid’s new EP, makes me feel somehow nostalgic. It’s a longing for the past. For fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna. On repeat.”