Grandpa's Cough Medicine / Press

“On one hand, they honor tradition with top-notch instrumental chops and a clear-eyed take on the music’s acoustic purity. But with the other hand, they rip that tradition to shreds, pummeling it into submission and burying it deep in the Northeast Florida earth.”

“The guys in Grandpa's Cough Medicine prove, with the release of their second CD, that they couldn't be more badass if their banjo had a double barrel.”

“Foot-stompin' tunes with a modern take on drinkin', fishin', murder, dirty politicians, hobos and revenge. Cutting sarcasm and humorous self-deprecation, all sung to the sweet sounds of flat-picking guitar, twangy banjo runs and a big ol' stand-up bass.”

“Mike Coker is one of the most talented young banjo players one could see. It is hard to tell there is an instrument in his hands for it rests on his shoulder like a natural extension of his body. Brett Bass’ vocals and overall swagger is that of a less self-conscious Johnny Cash while handling his guitar with fierce definitude.”

“The dark subject matter and minor key songs make their grass grow a little taller than the rest of the field. Tunes about exacting revenge on muggers and leaving their bodies in the ocean, berating panhandlers, a jealous lover's song called "Chainsaw Crescendo" and a lambasting of career politicians supplant traditional bluegrass fare on the band's album "Jailbird Blues."”

“The group's originality has earned them a large support base of southern metalheads and rock fans... Old-school country fans may recognize GCM's sound as reminiscent of Flatt and Scruggs, but their music more closely resembles the outlaw, hell-raiser style of Hank Williams' grandson, Hank III.”

“These preachers of the bluegrass gospel are tighter than Grandpa’s wallet... These ass kicking grass evangelists can make a blind man see or a crippled man walk with their topical repertoire of songs that tell tales of the American working man.”

“These guys just keep getting better. Not only is the band name one of the best in town, Grandpa's Cough Medicine - featuring Brett Bass on lead vocals, guitar and dobro; Mike Coker on banjo and Jon Murphy on upright bass - is also one of the best young bluegrass bands in town.”

“GCM has released its debut CD, “Jailbird Blues,” a 15-track set of enjoyable originals and impressive instrumentals showcasing the band’s technical prowess and playful approach toward lyrical lechery.”