Graham Parsons and the Go Rounds / Press

“The groups signature sound is like a scattershot of genres: they appear to measure out equal heaping tablespoons of funk, rock, folk, and jazz sensibilities. Of course, the emotion and moxie of the band is nothing simpler than practiced Midwestern and Michigander soul.”

“Graham Parsons and The Go 'Rounds are a band of extremes - Extreme energy and extreme beauty They combine soul and garage rock in a way that's truly exciting and infectious. Front and center is Graham Parsons, showing off his witty and melodic songwriting with his soaring voice and driving electric guitar. However, this isn't a solo act by any means - Graham's rockin' band is comprised of some of the best players in Kalamazoo, hanging on to every word and note like they've been waiting their whole lives to play these songs. The rhythm section (Todd Kloosterman on bass, Adam Danis on drums, Andy Catlin on keys, and Grant Littler on guitar) is basically the house band at happenin' Kzoo club The Strutt, and the countless hours playing together are obvious. This is a band that can play music that takes you back a few decades, but with a fire that makes you feel like you're hearing it for the first time. ”

Ian Gorman - Big Green Lamp studios