Graham Lindsey / Press

"He sings like he's been sleeping in a roadside ditch for years -and enjoys it."

Chicago Reader

"We Are All Alone In This Together might stand next to John Wesley Harding and not blush with shame. Terrific, astringent record."

The Independent (UK)

"The most audacious roots songwriter's debut since Gillian Welch's Revival..."

No Depression

““Lindsey’s lyrical gifts come tumbling down in a torrent of scathing snarls and aching croons. Lindsey’s a throwback to the ramblin’ folk singers of old.””


"Excellent… dark Americana, informed by his travels around the country."

The Onion

"Angry, literate singer-songwriter, who lives in the Wisconsin woods..."

Chicago Sun Times

““A fine, uncompromising singer-writer…””


"Well-traveled folk that's both hick and haunting. There's something strange in the water, and Lindsey's drunk it up."


"Hick folk heaven from Montana: Several years before Bon Iver holed up in the Wisconsin wilds, Graham Lindsey was there in his log cabin, spading out scarifying songs like a latterday Hasil Adkins. ..The music is by turns desolate, angry and aching."

Uncut Magazine

"The Wisconsin native's minimalist soul searching tries to reconcile his best intentions with an unforgiving world. Thankfully love and acceptance still feature big; if they didn't he'd surely be dead by now."

Q Magazine