Graham Bodenham / Press

“Fantasy Girl is about someone who seems too good to be true. She has the most desirable characteristics but is she real or just a figment of the imagination? Musically, Fantasy Girl is classic guitar rock with a rock solid beat and a very catchy, sing along chorus. Musical influences for this song include Chris Rea, Bruce Springsteen, Blink 182, Feeder, Primal Scream, Nickelback, REM, Roxette, Bob Seger, Semisonic, Weezer”

“Hello wonderful friend, Great sound! Great voice! so refreshing and exhilarating, Absolutely fantastic!”

Ryo Utasato - RN

“AwesOMe vibe amazing lyrics! Divine rainbow waves of light, love, peace, music and truth!”

Liz Star Rose - RN

“I like your playlist...it's quirky but with an edge to it... good stuff :)”

Marquita Brown - RN

“Graham, I love your punk-ish style mixed with a good sense of humor in your lyrics.”

Janice Kephart - RN

“I'm your friend is a classic pop song,pacey,fun and with lovely sentiments in the lyrics. Great stuff Graham !! All the best.”

John Hasnip - RN

“loved your music it feels old school but with the sounds of today, good job”

Sweet Evolution - RN

“Some real catchy songwriting here Graham. I'm Your Friend has a very strong hook. Slash and Burn gave me a Midnight Oil feel lyrically and vocally. Great musicianship and really nice work. Cheers from Denver.”

Tracy Quinn O'Brien - RN

“Awsome! Brilliant! Lovely! Superb! 5 STARS!!!”

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit - RN

“Great Sound! Has that Cars MAGIC!”

Dizzomo - RN

“Amazing sounds very creative and unique. I really enjoyed listening to your music. Very good musical composition and positive vibes was my first impression.”

Hollow Distortion - RN

“You rock! Very well done! "Fantasy Girl" is a great tune! Wish you the best of luck with this and all of your great music!”

Le Mystique - RN

“Yes, very goood songs, superb playing and singing !!”

Endre Karbiner - RN

“Awesome, awesome.....great music, massive talent....”

Still Inlimbo - RN

“Graham, I'm loving your music and distinct voice!! CAN I BE YOUR FANTASY GIRL? :)) XO from me in Boston, Susan!!”

Susan Cabral - RN

"Fantasy Girl" nice tune....All the best to you!!!

Yolanda Foxx - RN

“🎼 Cross Words ❎ beautiful guitar and melody Graham. Emotive vocals are awesome. So. Fla love * Patricia”

Ecologyngle - RN

“all great tracks”

John Colella - RN

" I Put My Trust In You" beautiful :)

Hillbilly Dix - RN

“Hi Graham! ... I really liked your music and vocals.”

Aria Cortes - RN

“Loving fantasy girl! Glad to cross paths with u....come by anytime...GOD Bless...”

Arch Aeon - RN

“Your sound is rocky smooth and fresh.”

Jessica Belkin - RN

“Cool tracks! :-)”

Anne Roos - RN

“thank you for sharing your wonderful music”

Teresa Eden - RN

“I wanted to pass on my congratulations on some very good songs yourself! Cross Words is very catchy!!”

Merique - RN

“Cool songs! Great writing!”

Jan C - RN

“Hey there, you guys fucking Rock!!”

Alkoholimous - RN

“'First Love' ...def liking this track : ) : ) Deb xx”

Debbie Moore - RN

“Awesome songs!!”

Lyza - RN

" First Love " is very lovely Graham :) well done :)

Hillbilly Dix - RN

“I am also your friend, of Graham, that's listening to your songs, and I like them!”

Dmitry Ivanenko - RN

“Kick Ass!”

Melissa Gates - RN

“nice music:) greetings from France:)”

Elisa Duwez - RN

“great job”

Bonnie Goshen - RN

“Sounding good!!”

Vocalatti - RN

"..cross words are killing me in little ways.." terrific lyric and hook for this tune bro and really diggin how rockin the vibe is...very cool chorus and vocal. I enjoyed the listen here!

Mike White Presents - RN

“I enjoyed your songs and video. All your performance is good. Greetings from Japan.”

The Onda - RN

“Very nice tunes and sounds ... Great work.”

Stefani Fedra - RN

“Cool songs and style.”

Sirens Harbor - RN

“enjoyable tracks :)”

John Colella - RN


Ben Ether - RN

“Loving the sounds fam! ... Keep up the dope work fam xx”

Ify Otuya - RN

“awesome music ear candy”

Daly Redline - RN

“Great stuff!”

Alyssa Trahan - RN

“fabulous songs ..especially loving "Slash and Burn " ...enjoyed my time here this morning..hope alls well xoxo”

Hillbilly Dix - RN

“Listening to your music I realize that your tunes can travel through air, earth and sea ad the importance of hearing your tunes and being your fan!”

DJ Antonio - RN


Anne Muli - RN

"I'm really enjoying your fantastic music!"

Jodi DiLiberto - RN

"Hey Graham. awesome to be here this Sat afternoon listening to your brilliant songs ..especially loving "Slash and Burn" today."

Hillbilly Dix - RN

" slash -n- burn ''awesome'' "

Daly Redline - RN

"Great musicianship and cool vocal sound."

Lisa Panagos - RN

" Your Voice Brightens all your Songs ~ Unique ~ Depth ~ Colorful ... ♫♫ Cross Words ♫♫ Beautiful : D "

Songs of Debara - RN

" 'After the storm' is a great song!!"

The KHM - RN

"Rockin to Slash and Burn :)"

Michol Mae - RN

“Mis mejores deseos para ti y tu música. Besos desde España. (Best wishes to you and your music. Kisses from Spain.) Natalia”

Natalia Palacios - RN

“particularly liked "Fantasy Girl" thankx”

Supermodel - RN

“Love it! Fantasy Girl...Tom Petty meets the Clash! Great stuff Graham!”

The Altoonas - RN

“Well done Graham, I really like that one (Fantasy Girl). Keep them coming”

“Love the guitar on that song!!!”

Samantha Leal - RN

“I like that Fantasy Girl, good work ”

Mario - RN

“I enjoyed listening to "Fantasy Girl"”

Glenn Dodd - RN

“I like your song fantasy girl its a good tune :)”

Niella D - RN

“catchy tunes and superb music !”

RN - Aboi Doyle

“Liking your "Fantasy Girl" bit of a beach boy sound to my ears anyway. Nice.”

Moyralyn - RN

“love fantasy girl!! Thanks for sharing your music!”

Kristin Nicole - RN

“I really enjoyed listening to your music and it's wonderful coming back to it now.”

Rowan - The Mad Pride

“Where can I meet this fantasy girl ... cool track”

BadRobot - RN

“Loved your songs..very cool sound and voice!”

Jill Cagney - RN

“I like the vibe of your songs, even serious stuff comes off witha slightly happy feeling. Good songwriting, too. Dig Slash...we need more songs on that topic!”

Tracey Mun Roe - RN

“I love your music! Your voice is so good and expressive, and the guitar and drums are fab!!”

Juliann Andreen - RN

“Good work ethic. I like your songs”

Steve Christopher - RN

“nice music, just became a fan. keep up the good work”

Money Bizzle - RN

“great energy in your music, like it!!”

Kimmy B Shade - RN

“Great raw vocal sound!”

Caroline Ty - RN

“I had a chance to check out your songs...I really enjoyed them...keep on rockin' in the free world!”

Chris Goossen - RN

“great guitar amigo...best to you in 2012!”

Sonic Thought - RN

“Great songs Graham, best wishes from Oz !”

Trevor Brewood - RN

“..nice music man~!”

The Sicker - RN


Le Murd - RN

“Great work! All the best to you!”

Keyla Reed - RN

“I just gave Fantasy Girl a listen. Cool tune. Keep up the great work and good luck!”

John Sharpe - RN