Shady Grady / Press

“Great sounding music, really made my day!!”

Ghosts of Dixie, Reverbnation

“awesome tracks! killer production”

Chris Aguayo, Reverbnation

“You have the whole package, Talent and great music! Enjoying To The Sky.”

Jusy Shire, Reverbnation

"great work, stunning and excellent"

LING-LING ALFARI, Reverbnation

"genius, fabulous, fantastic, excellent and very entertaining, WOW nice execution .. great work !!!"

Dani Mkd in GOODWILL, Reverbnation

"Yes you have a great product, a money maker. Love your work"

Russel P. Brown, Reverbnation

"Yes,this HipHop takes us To The Sky.brilliantly produced!"

Leon B., Reverbantion

"Starting my day off with your Great Music!!?

Yolanda Foxx, Reverbnation

“Take Me To The Sky is great! loving your creative style”

Judy Shire, Reverbnation

"Love the music!!! You should get it in Az Superstars"

Toya, Reverbnation

"Good sound and cool feel; "Another Man" rides nice. Keep on doing you out there."

Quan Chi, Reverbnation

"Loving the music. take it slow...Splendid"

LEGAL STYLZ, Reverbnation

“I like Take it Slow. This song Has ALOT of Meaning, and Actually made Me think. ”

Ahlizee, Reverbnation

“I love to The Sky.. =) Its really sweet ”

Toma' Blue, Reverbnation

“Enjoying "To The Sky". It's creative, head-bopping good music with a lovely, sweet message. It's so nice to hear a romantic song without unnecessary vulgarity! Thank you!”

Angela Celeste May, Reverbnation

“I'm feeling ya music all da way from "Funky-Town" Fort Worth, TX. Keep doing ya thing homie.”

HOLLO, Reverbnation

“U are a true lyricist! U are my artist match 4 a male :) Luv yo flow...Girls Like It... Be Blessed”

TAMMY KNIGHT, Reverbanation