Gradon "Grady" Goa / Press

“Tone, Tone and MORE TONE!! This guy can hit just ONE note and STOP YOU, dead in your tracks!!! That's what great guitar playing is all about!!”

“Winner of the BCSN Rocks Contest! Grady's Music is Played during local Professional, College and High School Sports Highlights/Clips and Shows.”

“The style and tonal versatility of Grady's playing is an undeniable talent. When you listen to the delicate/sweet sounds of Tokyo Blue, the thunderous distortion of 21 Guns and the acoustic-country/blues style of Steel Rail, you may wonder if it's the same artist playing all of the songs. It's amazing how one person can touch on so many genres of music and make them blend together so well!!”

“Grady congrats on the amazing sound!! I will be purchasing your album when it drops! I can see your influences in your music. Keep it up my brother!!”

The Taken The Heineken Ultimate Playlist Compettion Winner - The Taken Reverbnation

“Chilling, Thought Provoking and Hauntingly Beautiful Music!!”

“Sounding Good!!”

Michael Charles & Moonlight Label Chicago, Illinois - Reverbnation

“Through his imaginative riffs and hypnotic string bends and vibrato, I've seen Grady captivate entire audiences with his emotional and soulful playing.”

“Become a fan of Grady's on facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Gradon-Grady-J-Goa/167553540965”


“Check Out www.GradyGoa.com”